CHALLENGE: Fresh new business ideas from people outside corporation

TARGETS: 30 Secondary Students (S4-S6)

DURATION: 2 months


In order to survive and thrive in today’s competitive business world, corporate management must have an innovative and open mindset to accept good ideas from all kinds of different sources, organizations or people. What if you customer can tell you directly suggestions with great business potential? With systematic and intensive training, this is a dream that can come true.

A total of 30 Secondary students (S4-S6) from King’s College, took part in our 2-months Thinkertoys Student Project to generate both new product and service ideas to one of our client, the Hung Fook Tong Group (HFT). They are then invited to present their ideas to a group of 12 senior management from operation, marketing, HR and Finance departments of the company. All their 8 innovative ideas are well received among the executives.

Mr. Ricky Szeto Wing-fu, the company’s Executive Director and General Manager, said he was surprised by the students’ performance and their suggestions were valuable, some of which could be implemented after slight modification.


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