CHALLENGE: Continuous improvements to cope with the ever-increase customer expectation

TARGETS: All staff members with a focus on 1,000+ engineers in the Projects Department

DURATION: 2010 – Present


Carrying an average of 4.9 million passengers every weekday, the MTR is regarded as one of the world’s leading railways for safety, reliability, customer service and cost efficiency. Despite its achievements over the years, MTR is still striving to serve its passengers with innovative products and services. Feedback from passengers has become their major driving force of innovation.

Starting 2010, we have been working closely with MTR on driving innovation in a company-wide manner. Every staff member received a guide book on innovation showing them how to make good use of Thinkertoys methodology to generate creative business improvement ideas. Training programs were delivered to help hundreds of engineers in their Projects Department to tackle their business and operation challenges more effectively. Special training sessions for other staff members were conducted and educational videos were produced to ensure learning transfer and proper follow-up.

Booklets and table stands as great memory aid of the program concepts

Strong support from MTR’s senior management team has made the launch of the program a great success.

MTR’s Work Improvement Team (WIT) has adopted our Thinkertoys methodology into their own project documentation.


  • Consultation and needs analysis
  • Campaign design
  • Publication of Gateway to Innovation Guide Book
  • Design and production of marketing materials
  • Thinkertoys training programs
  • Knowledge transfer – Thinkertoys Templates customized for members of MTRC’s Work Improvement Team (WIT)

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