“Using games as an educational tool provides opportunities for deeper learning.”
Panelists at Stanford Discussion

“Learners retain only 5 percent of what they hear and 10 percent of what they read, but they remember more than 50 percent of what they learn through discussion and interaction”
Josh Bersin, author of The Blended Learning Book


Value Creation is the bedrock of all businesses, an important concept every entrepreneur, innovator and designer must understand to succeed in business. It’s what sets you apart from the competition, secures customer loyalty, and brings distinct meaning to your brand. Without it, your offering will be rendered just another commodity in the eyes of your target market.

Value Creation is a 4-player, competitive strategy game meticulously designed to teach the concept, framework, and process of value creation in a fun and engaging way.

Take on the role of the Retail Director of one of the world’s most iconic luxury department stores, and make strategic buying and selling decisions as you go to pave your path to success.

The game plays out over the course of 12 rounds and in each round, players analyze customer needs and wants, and market information in order to…

(1) Acquire the most promising products available in the market.

(2) Craft and launch “value-added” offerings in niche markets to maximize return on investment.

(3) Build impressive product portfolios to increase market share and brand presence.

Do you have what it takes to become a retail legend?

1 Game Board
44 Value Cards
100 Product Cards
7 Event Cards
35 Tactic Cards
15 Markers
1 Gavel Marker
20 Bonus Cubes
4 Screens
64 Rockets
4 Accountants
1 Rulebook
  • Set up and play in 5 minutes
  • Fun, thematic and competitive; perfect for non-gamers
  • Deceptively deep gameplay; an artful blend of auction, set collection and area control mechanics
  • An immersive experience that makes debriefings deep and meaningful
  • A skill-building game with a high replay value
  • As a stand-alone game or an integral part of the following programs
  • Value-based Innovation (VBI) / Jobs-To-Be-Done (JTBD)
  • Design Thinking (DT) / Human-centered Design (HCD)
  • Formulation of Branding Strategies
  • Business Model Generation / Crafting of Value Propositions / Copywriting
  • Retail Training / Product Knowledge Training / Selling Skills Training
  • Negotiation / Influencing Skills
  • Teambuilding / Interpersonal Skills / Communication
  • Entrepreneurship / Intrapreneurship / Marketing 101

DURATION: Learn (10 min.) + Play (60 min.) + Debrief (20 min.)

CLASS SIZE: 16 – 20 (Best if it is a multiple of 4)

TRAINING MATERIALS: Value Crafter – The Value Proposition Board Game

THEORY / PRACTICE: Lots of fun!

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USD 2,000 / copy
I want to learn from the game designers / developers how this game can be incorporated into my own training offerings. Certification Program

USD 2,500 / person

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“Certified Game Facilitator” Certificate in PDF format
1 copy of Value Crafter
1 copy of English Rulebook (20-page Trainer Edition) which includes additional information as follows:

  • Variants, how trainers can adjust the length and difficulty level of the game
  • A complete list of 44 values taught in this game
  • Suggested answers for all 100 business models / products / services

Electronic version of the Rulebook (16-page Participant Edition) in PDF format (2 Sizes: A3 and A4)
Video #1 – Tutorial Video by Tim Chuon in High Definition (10:49)
Marketing materials

  • Video #2 – Cinematic Showcase by Tim Chuon in High Definition (1:11)
  • High-Resolution Product Photos x 4

PowerPoint® Decks

  • Deck #1 “How to Play”
  • Deck #2 “Debriefing”

Tim Chuon teaching the game


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Concepts and Game Design: Kelvin Fung
Artwork and Graphics: Jenny Mak
Gameplay Reviewer: Steve Finn, Ph.D.
Rulebook Editor: Sam Hillier, Ph.D.
Cinematic Showcase: Tim Chuon

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